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intelligence test Solved mcqs

    Q: which of following given option is not matching as perfect comparison to :
    As the feet is to football than :

  1. hand is to the volleyball
  2. hockey is to the tennis ball
  3. bat is to the hard ball
  4. stick is to the playing card

    Q: Select different one option from given option unmatched with others
  1. Mango juice is such a delicious

  2. Meat with spices make test very well

  3. Apple always comes in start of summar season

  4. Orange simple pieces better to enjoy than orange juice

    Q: 1. Which one of the given below make the perfect comparison?
    As Foot is to knee than hand is to the:

  1. ELBOW
  2. Shoulder
  3. Thumb

    Q: What would be the numrical digits to represent the word VOWEL when the letters
    of the alphabets were numbered as A 26, B 25, C 24 and o on till Z 1.__?

  1. 1 ,17 ,4, 11, 15
  2. 5 ,12 ,4, 22, 15
  3. 3 ,18 ,4, 16, 13

    Q: Complete the below series and show your intelligence level:
    G A K E O I S M?

  1. WQ
  2. AS
  3. WT

    Q: Select one of the option is not like the other given?__?

  1. Apple
  2. Mango
  3. Wheat

    Q: Mary was both 13th highest and 13th lowest in a spelling contest.
    How many people were in the contest?__?

  1. Twenty two
  2. Twenty Five
  3. Twenty Nine

    Q: If we rearrange the letters "MANGERY", we have the name of an__?

  1. Country
  2. Fruit
  3. Animal

    Q: Describe one of the five makes the perfect comparison?
    Like Belt is to buckle as shoe is to__?

  1. Tie
  2. Rope
  3. Lace

    Q: Which of the below makes the perfect comparison?
    As Water is to ice so milk is to:__?

  1. Cheese
  2. The Tea
  3. Sweet

    Q: Which one of the following makes the perfect comparison?
    Like Finger is to hand as leaf is to:

  1. Twig
  2. Tree
  3. Plant

    Q: Amjad received $.41 change from a purchase in the mall.
    If he received six coins, three of the coins had to be:

  1. Cent
  2. Dollar
  3. Dimes

    Q: Estimate the exact character from below.
    If D + E = i then H = ? select from options show your intelligence knowledge:

  1. D + F
  2. E + D
  3. C + F

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