Basic Computer science cs Solved MCQs list

 Computer science cs Solved MCQs list

    The primary function of which following to set up hardware and load and start an operating system os is?
  1. RAM
  2. ROM
  3. BIOS
  4. Processor

    What kind of memory is both static and non -volatile?
  1. RAM
  2. ROM
  3. Cache
  4. ALU

    Which computer software is designed for operating to the computer hardware and to provide platform to run application software?
  1. System Software
  2. Application Software
  3. Operating System
  4. Utilities

    Which of following is known as and is the other name for programmed chip?
  1. System Chip
  2. Application chip
  3. RAM
  4. Computer ROM

    Which has ability of device to jump direct to main requested data location?
  1. System access
  2. Random access
  3. main access
  4. Computer access

    To perform operations as arithmetic and logical operation is known as
  1. Starting
  2. Processing
  3. Accessing
  4. Computing

    The ALU and Control Unit union called as the
  1. Compiler
  2. CPU
  3. Program
  4. Software

    Shortcut key to recover recent lost tabs of browser in computer.
  1. CTRL + T
  2. Shift + T
  3. CTRL + Shift + T
  4. Shift + Enter

    Shortcut key to close current single active tab in browser
  1. Double Shift
  2. CTRL + W
  3. ALT + W
  4. Shift + tab

    Which of following Store data temporary and pass it to directed by the control unit?
  1. Dead lock
  2. Register
  3. RAM
  4. ROM

    Which of following is not from the computer languages
  1. Notepad
  2. HTML
  3. BASIC

    Which from blow options is an additional set of commands that computer display after we made an selection in main menu.?
  1. Assembler
  2. Dialog Box
  3. Debuger
  4. Loader

    Which type of computers are more faster than all other types of computer?
  1. Main Frame computers
  2. Work Station Computers
  3. Server Computer
  4. Super Computers

    The Coding program translate and output line by the line done in the?
  1. Translator
  2. Compiler
  3. interpretor
  4. Debugger

    The fiber optic cable has which medium to use for communication?
  1. Light rays
  2. Current flow
  3. Air waves
  4. Computer transister

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