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 New Computer solved mcqs

    Light Pen is______?
  1. Color pencil
  2. Lazer printer
  3. Optical input device

    UNIVAC means_____?
  1. Universal Automatic Computer
  2. Unit Virtual Accuracy
  3. Universal Advance Computer

    Floppy Disk 3.5inch has Capacity_______?
  1. 3.5mb
  2. 1.44mb
  3. 2.44mb

    EBCDIC means_______?
  1. Electronic Binary Coded Decimal Circuit
  2. Embedded Circuit of Integeration code
  3. Extended Binary Coded Decimal Interchange Code

    Junk email is also known as______?
  1. draft
  2. Spam
  3. dark

    What is hacking________?
  1. break into others computer
  2. allergic to computer
  3. gaming

    Computer Will not boot if it do not have_____?
  1. Keyboard
  2. Operating System
  3. Mouse

    Amount of vertical spaces between line of text in the document is known___?
  1. vertical space
  2. Line Spacing
  3. height

    The short keys to select a row in ms excel___?
  1. CTRL + space
  2. Shift + Space
  3. ALT + tab

    The shortcut to copy the column in the ms excel___?
  1. CTRL + Space
  2. Shift + tab
  3. Shift + A

    Short keys jump to a certain area with a single command in excel___?
  1. Shift + j
  2. CTRL + G
  3. ALT + H

    The purpose of command CTRL + L in the ms excel is___?
  1. To open the create table dialog box
  2. Left aligning
  3. Low sizing

    DNS stand for__?
  1. Document Network store
  2. Domain Name Services
  3. Data Net Storage

    Following is not output device_?
  1. Card reader
  2. Printer
  3. Screen

    Intellengence device are by__?
  1. Mathematics
  2. Artificial Intellengence
  3. Physics

    Who makes computer program and design structure__?
  1. System Analyst
  2. Designer
  3. Doctor

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