Advanced Computer science solved mcqs pdf download

advanced Computer science solved mcqs pdf

    RAID is the shortcut of _?
  1. Rapid Addition In Disk
  2. Round Application Into Design
  3. Redundant Array of Independent Disks

    Which one of following perform computing work in the PC?
  1. Main Memory
  2. CPU
  3. Cache Memory

    The CD is the abbriviation of what____?
  1. Compact Disk
  2. Computer disk
  3. Counter disk

    Shortcut ALU stand for what_____?
  1. Analog Line unit
  2. Arithmetic Logic Unit
  3. Advanced Logic Unit

    Select for VGA is the short of which of following______?
  1. Video Graphic Art
  2. Virtual Graphic Artist
  3. Video Graphics Array

    1GB GigaByte is equal to the______ ?
  1. 1024 Mega Bytes
  2. 1000 Kilo Bytes
  3. 1024 Bytes

    The ISO Stands for the given below options _____?
  1. Internal standard office
  2. Internet start Office
  3. International Standard Orgnization

    Shortcut MSI Stand for the_?
  1. Model sector international
  2. Medium Scale Integrated circuits
  3. Medium Standard inversion

    First of all Who started the computer science______?
  1. george anta
  2. Allen Turing
  3. bell graham

    The computer Input and Output Ports shortly called as____?
  1. int/out
  2. in/out
  3. i/o

    The Control process of interaction between user and OS_____?
  1. Compiler
  2. Debuger
  3. User Interface(UI)

    The shortcut OS is called as _?
  1. Output Store
  2. Open System
  3. Operating System

    Which of the following is shortcut GUI stand for_____?
  1. Graphical User Interface
  2. Group User input
  3. Ground Ultimate invention

    What is the short key to open new tab in the browser_____?
  1. Shift + N
  2. CTRL + N
  3. CTRL + T

    Character B has which decimal number behalf of ASCII code__?
  1. 56
  2. 65
  3. 66

    The 1000111 binary represent which of following in computer__?
  1. M
  2. G
  3. D

    Convert 80 into binary computer language code__?
  1. 1010000
  2. 1010101
  3. 1000010

    The Shortcut ISA Stand for__?
  1. Internal Stand Area
  2. Internet Service Authentication
  3. Inter Sub Application

    What is the Second name of programmed chip__?
  1. RAM
  2. Controller
  3. DSLR

    Device that is not connected to Computer__?
  1. Waiting device
  2. Offline device
  3. Online device

    Online real time advanced computer got popular in___?
  1. First generation
  2. Third generation
  3. Second generation

    Which of following have ability to jump request location in computer_?
  1. Fast jump
  2. Quick Access
  3. Random access

    Control Unit and ALU of computer Known as___?
  1. CPU
  2. Storage
  3. Primary memory

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